Entrepreneurship and Migration

Entrepreneurship and Migration

16h – 18h PALAIS DES NATIONS, room VII

How can diaspora be leveraged to invest in sustainable development and promote entrepreneurship in home country? How can entrepreneurship become a source of the economic empowerment and self-employment of (return) migrants, refugees and displaced people?

In the occasion of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, UNCTAD and UNDP, in collaboration with WIPO, the International Organization for Migration and the Mission of the United States of America will debate these issues at a special session bringing direct testimonials of practitioners, policymakers and entrepreneurs.

The first panel will highlight how to create an enabling ecosystem to maximize the impact of diaspora investment for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and more specifically how remittances can become a source of self-employment and productive investment.

The second panel will illustrate how entrepreneurship can contribute to peace and prosperity in fragile and postconflict countries, by empowering (return) migrants, refugees and displaced people through newly acquired skills, knowledge and networks.

– Mr. Joakim Reiter, Deputy Secretary General, UNCTAD

Moderator: Ms. Laura Thompson, Deputy Director General of the International Organization for Migration

– Ms. Patrice D. Juah, Director of Moie fashion textile company and Founder, Martha Juah Educational Foundation

Panel 1: Leveraging diaspora to promote entrepreneurship for sustainable development
– UNDP programme officer, DEED programme, Kosovo
– Mr. Ernest Miguelez, CNRS Chargé de Recherche, CNRS & GREThA-Université de Bordeaux
– Ms. Audrey Selian, Director, Riant Capital, Zürich
– Ms. Solène Movrant-Roux, Assistant Professor, University of Geneva

Moderator: Mr. Yannick du Pont, Director, Spark, the Netherlands

Panel 2: Creating economic opportunities and boost entrepreneurship among displaced people
– UNDP programme officer, Jordan
– Ms. Louise Holden, Director Public Sector and Government, Mastercard, London, UK
– Mr. Nayef Stetieh, UNCTAD/Empretec Director from Jordan
– Mr. Xavier Vollenweider, Economist, Flowminder

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More information: Jennifer Klein | Jennifer.Klein@unctad.org

Organisation: UNCTAD and UNDP in collaboration with WIPO, the Mission of the United States of America in Geneva and the International Organization for Migration